Tools not included seed

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Tools not included seed

Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. Is there a way to confirm the hunting progress? Would archiving the database instead of deleting be viable?

I don't know how much storage it takes up, just thought I'd field the idea since I used the site for referencing older saves. I can just make a download of my map's info in the future if long term storage of the whole database isn't an option. With free sql server license I'm limited to 10gb so the wipe was actually welcome on my side. The ssd on the server isn't particularly spacious either.

That doesn't fix the disk space issue either. That stuff doesn't come for free. Hello, so i just started up ONI after a few years not playing, i found a seed just before the wipe that was ok but it wasnt right in game, then the DB got wiped. Also how do i know if its running or not?

The map is fine. If you modded your world gen or for some reason have outdated game version, things won't be the same. So I've been trying to generate maps to get us back up to the glorious number of maps we were at before the wipe and while I'm used to the auto-map generator error-ing out and locking up the new update has done a number on the consistency of auto-generation. Where before ONI's auto disable would kill generation after about two and a half hours due to an error and ONI would occasionally have a "hard lock" where ONI would be stuck with three "Another instance is already running" dialog boxes and not running generating maps now ONI now consistently logs an error around 15 minuets of starting with the low end being one map generation.

In trying to fix this after the. I've noticed in looking at the logs after the many errors that usually the null reference exception occurs right after the JSON for server submission is generated which btw it is cool to see all the points in the log now. I know you are a very busy person and this is a side project but if you could look at this a little I would appreciate it! Stupid question maybe, but would it be possible to ask KLEI for the map-generation-algorithm and pre-calculate the maps?

Or vise versa, giving the stats you want, fill it into the form, and generate the perfect world for this. Oops, logging the json is something I forgot to disable. As to algorithm, I can see it. But verifying and maintaining it between every change and update is something I'm not willing to do.

Generation is resource heavy and people would murder the server quite quickly, even though that was the initial idea. Is some of the seed got deleted after server update? I try searching my old world seed but always get 0 result. I am sad and am wondering if a solution to this can be found.

tools not included seed

If not, thems the brakes but if so it'll be like a warm comforting hug. EDIT: Just saw someone else noticed their seed deleted. Sorry if you have been inundated by requests and i should have searched to see if people were experiencing the same as i know you have to delete batches of seeds sometimes. Um, yeah i'm definitely buying you a coffee with my next check cause i feel i should make it right.

EDIT2: Well i got the manual upload tool and discovered my seed doesn't generate the same world anymore. Guess I'm SOL on getting this map seed up but oh well.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Oxygen Not Included Store Page. Global Achievements.

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Since nobody else has started one for this update, what y'all got in the quality world seeds department? Showing 1 - 15 of 21 comments. Jaffles View Profile View Posts. Try these: they may not work though. Last edited by Mr.

Jaffles ; 18 Dec, pm. Maybe not so good for noobs because lots of slime and low starting copper but there is a hydrogen, nat gas, cool steam and slush geyser close to the starting biome for a quick start. Clonefarmer View Profile View Posts. First one is really nice for new players!

Nice for temp, and you just have to make one waterlock each side, and you need no coal once you have research what you need for gas generator! Over 25T of algae in the starting biome, and haven't even mine all of that so maybe my number is below the real one : Gold volc, chlorine, 3 cool steam.

You can check all the geyser on oni-seed-browser, i found it there and it's very nice for start to rocket. Just give a try Found this one randomly tonight, seems quite good, let you check :. I like the seed browser n all but it doesn't really look for "good" starting conditions and closeness of geysers and stuff which is what I'm after. Originally posted by Ben Chang :.

Diadema View Profile View Posts. I went into debug mode looking and looked at several seeds to find a good one for my current game. Using this one right now: Forgot your password?

Or sign in with one of these services. I was on the tools not included page looking up a seed I was going to use until release and happened across this seed that showed 3 extra biome colors on the map display.

Just an FYI in case this needs addressed somehow. I suppose it could be modded biomes in which case it could throw off people like me looking for seeds.

This looks like a glitch in the image processing for the map -- the 'odd colors' are two colors on top of each other, as long as the geysers are fine. There's a 'report as invalid' button, but please keep in mind that there is no way in the world I can personally check over 50 thousand of seeds.

The tool has some restrictions to prevent non-realistic uploads, but if there's a will, there's a way.


It's for players by players - the only way of running it on such a scale. I've noticed maps biome being a little off sometimes when generated on specific systems possibly macs - and not all versions The changes to the map generation required to facilitate that will, based on historical data, invalidate all existing map seeds. This will require the seed library to start from scratch.

Would it be a nice addition to the seed browser to have an option like to hide which geysers are on the map? Let me give an example.

Let's say I don't want to know which geysers or volcanos are on the map but I want to make sure there is at least 1 cool slush geyser. Just for the people who maybe want the surprise of not knowing what is available but want to have the certainty of having at least a specific geyser. First of all, thanks for the site. I'll be contributing lots of seeds once the game is finally released. There's still one thing I'd like changed, however.

Can we get a way to filter based on how many AETNs are on the map? It's quite annoying when you load a seed only to find out hundreds of cycles later that you only got 2 AETNs. What is the plan now? It appears each seed also requires a bunch of world settings so too many combinations and permutations? Didn't expect to have to support different maps, so it's going to take a while, but doable!

It isnt compatible with the preview, and it crashes on startup. I know for many people it's obvious but I've been getting "complaints" so just a reminder. I have a minor feature request if it wouldn't be too much trouble. Would it be possible to have the seed gen output a local text file with a list of the seeds it generated? It doesn't have to list any of the features of the seed, just the seed numbers would be great.

tools not included seed

World traits are bound to the seed number. Right now you can choose which geysers you want but going forward, you would have no idea what sort of world they are in? Why no idea?Forgot your password?

Or sign in with one of these services. Only once did it get kinda caught in loop, where I could not turn off the mod. I took your advice, by reading the instruction page, to resize the window. And kinda made it to small. Other than that it was pretty straight-forward. It's likely that since my pc is on the low-end of the usable spectrum I would do better to have a manual upload button. The poor wifi reception gets garbled when it's closing down the sessions.

It can't keep up when switching to the next board. I'll post some more as time goes on, regardless, thanks for the work with all these mods and stuff!

First of all thank you very much for your amazing work. Since i like to plan my base in advance, it is a huge gameplay improvement for me and I can't imagine how it was possible to play ONI without this tool. And i think 6 out of 7 mods i use are also yours, so i really appreciate your hard work.

However, I would have a small request regarding the selection of geysers. Would it be possible to add a search option where you could say something like: I want 3 geysers, either water or cold steam and the single number doesn't matter.

I think this could be really handy! As promised, you can now filter maps by traits as well! I've also added some cache-invalidating code which should solve issues of having to do a cache clear. Should tools not included. I pasted in the seed I grabbed earlier, 12 hrs ago It generates a list, and this seed might not even be in it.

It has pages I have fixed that, but now I'm not sure it's the same map These maps, shown and being played atm aren't the same I think. I was just about to restart the game to see what seed number I am actually playing Today I added instructions of how to do it correctly:. And so yup, I copied and pasted the entire sequence that i took from the seed browser and dropped it in, and now i am playing an entirely different seed.

I kinda thought so, but it's been going so well I've not really sweated it. But, yes this additional information in the seed numbers is different and will take some getting used to. Thanks again for your help. The seed I am actually playing is not in the browser yet, It has been great for me so far So I have a request. Can you give us a version of the upload mod that lets us choose the seeds to upload.

I'd love to be able to put the seed I want to upload into the game settings then start game does the usual upload cycle and kicks me back to the main menu so I can select another seed to upload.Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. The site currently features a map browser before the Launch Upgrade wipe we were at over 50 maps! I'm still planning on adding new tools to the site. From now on, two mods will be maintained: manual and automatic. Automatic version aka the seed miner - not suitable for playing, seed uploading only works in background and automatically generates and uploads new worlds without interaction.

Also attempted to use the ingame upload tool and got a crash to desktop. Seemed to only happen after I revealed the whole map. If you wish to debug the seed I was trying to add is Edit2: fixed the issue with manual adding. Initialize engine version: UnloadTime: 0.

Started ModLoader. Local mod localization Unloading 5 Unused Serialized files Serialized files now loaded: 0. Unloading unused Assets to reduce memory usage. Loaded Objects now: Total: Unloading 2 unused Assets to reduce memory usage.

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Unloading 1 Unused Serialized files Serialized files now loaded: 0. Unloading 0 unused Assets to reduce memory usage. Mouse scrolling might not work properly on this screen. SetHeaders System. WriteHeaders System. Byte[] buffer wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check System. OnApplicationQuit Setting up 2 worker threads for Enlighten. The site features two ways to add seeds: manually and via a mod with help of the debug mode. I highly recommend the latter - all you need is install a mod, reveal the map with debug mode and hit 'Upload' in the menu - and it will upload the seed with all geysers and its details to the website!

Can you find a way to enter a mass amount of seeds at once? I have access to a spreadsheet of hundreds of seeds from the cosmic upgrade, which are still valid. Thanks a lot for the log, Solarama. I uploaded the fixed version this time, please remove v1 and download v1. I can prepare a script tomorrow and add them as Cosmic checked only top two, but I'm surprised that cosmic seeds are still valid :o Thanks a lot for the link, will be useful!

Tis 4am right now and I think I gotta crash before I accidentally delete something this time. Great work! This is really nice.Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. I tried it but I get "Oh no! Something went wrong on the server. The map is completely different compared to what the seed browser suggests.

Can anyone confirm? What's up? Thanks for your hard work! In the output. A tiny thing in the way traits are presented changed and the server rejects them due to failed validation. I am not removing maps from the server since the issue will be fixed in the game soon. Some kind of warning in the site would help while this is dealt with!

We get duplicate values. The server doesn't reject uploads of the same map. Duplicates are periodically removed and that is not a bug. This is a very clever and effective distributed computing scheme, thank you for making this. I've uploaded a few maps I think using the automatic mod. Yea, sadly some people upload with the 10x geyser output mod.

Most of them are caught and rejected on upload, sometimes a few slip through. I'll wipe them later. Would that be a possibility in the future? Or even better, just put a list of seeds in the config file, that can come with your mod, and it just run through the list. The testing branch also has changed world gen entirely, so the database will be wiped when the patch goes live. It is confusing people and aught be removed, other ppl have posted about this map also I can see above.

Interesting what changed with world gen? I haven't seen any mention of it in the patch notes or in discussions.

Waterweed Farms! Ep21 - Oxygen Not Included

I will be ready to start churning out worlds again as soon as you say everything is good to go on your end with the whole.Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. Sorry for the recent downtimes folks - you're going absolutely ham on adding seeds recently and the budget hardware is not up to the task.

tools not included seed

I'll try to find some time this weekend to work on server self-recovery in case of db crashes since they just love happening when I'm asleep. Communication is nice.

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Don't worry too much. You're already doing this on your free time and and totally for free so we can't blame you for anything. I just remember renting a tier 1 basic server thinking it'll be enough for the site.

Patreon charges the pledgers on the first day of each month - so it's possible to pledge on the last day of the month, be charged the next day, and cancel the pledge just after you're charged to do one-time donation.

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I'm completely new to donation stuff, so if someone has suggestions about other systems that are safe and anonymous for both parties, you can let me know. You'll know when you have been billed because you'll receive an email confirmation stating your payment has successfully processed.

I've never used Patreon before, and like the previous post would prefer a one time donation vs monthly, however the email confirmation will remind me to cancel the monthly so I'm good with that. It was very easy to sign up. The could be there for many reasons, there have been no service outages in the past few days, so it was most likely seed being rejected for some reason. First of all: This thing has been amazing, especially the world map. Thanks so much for making this!

Sometimes, I find it difficult to know which geyser is which from looking at the world map. Just a "HG" or "SV" to show that yes, this is the steam vent, not the hot polluted oxygen vent. A way to filter the seeds by number or variety of geysers.

tools not included seed

This one is not as important since you've got the show geyser types not on map button, but it would make it faster for me to find the seeds which allows me to toy with the most things. I've started working on improvements and some new stuff to be ready for the game release.

Per your requests, stuff that will certainly appear:. Of course with the new biomes the world gen will change and all the existing seeds will be unusable - the database will be wiped to make space for new uploads.

Right now, the site is hosting over 45 seeds and is visited by over unique users daily. Since the addition of the world map feature I've had some trouble with site crashes - sorry for those - the thing is resource heavy. I've made some improvements while working on the release preparations and hopefully there will be less downtime.

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The site will go down for maintenance before the release in May - if we don't get a preview build I might need a day to get things running with new additions, but I'm aiming to have it up as quickly as possible. On the side I've also been working on the long-ago mentioned additional tools although work has been nasty and I've never had the time to finish them.

Some stuff similar to what I've been working on appeared on other sites, as much as I'll try to not do the same again, I'm at least going to finish what I've started.

Regarding the seed upload mods: I need some feedback here. I'm not quite sure what to do with the manual mod. I could keep a version that doesn't upload but only displays the map contents to the user and upload that to steam basically turn it into check-what-this-map-has. Most problems have come from the manual mod, since it changes one small thing in the world generation file and some people have their game installed in a way Windows doesn't allow that, then the server rejects the seed and the person is confused


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